Commission a Portrait

Portrait Painter Alan Mizell Alan is ready to consult with you about your oil portrait, to decide the size, subject, and concept, to ensure a beautiful work that shall be enjoyed for generations to come. Review these general details on fees and the portrait painting process, and then please contact Alan for a personal consultation.
Size Fee
12 x 16 in. $1,600
16 x 20 in. $2,600
20 x 24 in. $3,800
32 x 40 in. $7,000
40 x 60 in. $9,500

The portrait painting process typically begins with a friendly consultation to determine your needs and desires. Alan will explain the options available and work with you to decide the final concept, composition, pose, clothing background, and size of the work. Since most people are very busy usually much of the painting is done from photographs. Once the concept is finalized Alan will take numerous photographs either in his studio or at your home or location. If the commission is a posthumous work he shall work with you to make the best decisions for the painting based on available photographic resources.

Depending on the size and complexity of the work paintings typically take from two to six months to be completed. Traditionally the smaller paintings are head and shoulders, medium canvases three-quarter body poses, and the largest ones full length figures.

Fees are typical of traditional portraits. Each additional subject in the work will increase the fee 50%.

An agreement will be provided as to the details, timeframe, and fees relating to the work, and upon signing the agreement a 50% deposit is required to begin the painting. The final 50% of the fee will be remitted upon completion of the work, and then the painting shall be delivered.

The fees above do not reflect any costs related to travel, framing, delivery, or shipping.

Alan is ready to put his heart into creating a classic portrait for you that reflects more than just a likeness. It is his privilege to be considered for the honor of creating a work that shall last hundreds of years and become a treasured heirloom. CONTACT Alan today to arrange your portrait consultation.
Alexia and Paw Paw
Alexia and Paw Paw
Detail, oil on canvas, 18 x 24 in.