Have Your Portrait Painted

Would you like to sit and have your portrait painted by a professional artist?

When there are no pressing commission paintings to be finished Alan still paints, spending his time creating art and perfecting his craft. These paintings range from the traditional work similar to most commissioned art, to much more painterly or experimental canvases. Some are alla prima, done in one sitting, while others are well planned and classically painted works that may require several sittings.

The time available for this work varies according to commissioned obligations, the artist's current plans and work, and the motivation to paint a particular person. But if you would like to model for a painting, CONTACT Alan today.

Alexia and Paw Paw Private Party (AvaGrace and Riley, Halloween 2013), oil on canvas Gabriel as Peter Pan Karlie Rose as Tinker Bell
Tim Paper Moon Uncle Joe in Korea Vlad Tepes, the Impaler, Oil on canvas